Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reading Terminal Market - or where there is the occassional good looking Amish guy in suspenders

  • The Reading Terminal Market opened in 1893.
  • The last train departed the Reading station on November 6, 1984.
  • The terminal is now part of the Pennsylvania Convention Center (It's kind of a depressing area as far as other things to see).
  • The train shed is the oldest in the world. (I'm not really sure what a train shed is).
  • The Reading Market has over 80 different merchants.
How to Get Here:
Walk, you lazy fools!
Located on 12th and Filbert (or near enough - just pass the guy in the wheelchair asking for money)

  • Visit the Fair Food Farmstand (local, organic food including dairy, meat, and produce and open 7 days a week)
  • Visit the Amish food stands like Miller's Twist for the best Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels. Or try Lancaster Co Dairy which has delicious strawberry lemonade (and a gorgeous Amish grandson).
  • Try Bassetts ice cream (America's oldest ice cream company!) - especially the banana flavor.
  • Produce at Iovine Brothers (if you can avoid the geriatric rush)
  • Try to visit the Amish stands from Sunday to Tuesday (they're off tilling the fields or something).
  • Go on weekends (it's all tourists who mill around bleating like sheep)
  • Go hungry if you're there to shop. (You may find yourself walking out with a pound of cherry dream whip or chocolate pudding when you came in for some spring onions.)


  1. Who's your favorite Amish guy? The blonde one with suspenders?

  2. No, not that blond one with suspenders, the other blond one with suspenders.

  3. when i worked at the bakery, the wheelchair man used to park himself next to us and yell "LEMMEE LICK THE BOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL. Because of this, he backame known as "the bowl"...or alternately "uncle bowl"....I'm just saying. There are a couple of cute Amish fellows...but i prefer to poach my men from butcher shops. Feel free to delete this comment. :)

  4. I would never delete! Though I would like to know - did he get to lick the bowl?

  5. I stopped by your shop two weeks ago and loved it!! The selection of mens ties were great! I wanted to introduce myself, but you seemed to be having a bad day. I will be back down 4th street this weekend and will stop in again and properly introduce myself! Plus I am hoping that great Kenneth Cole black shirt is still there!

  6. Please stop by - I'd love to meet you. The shirt is still here.