Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fitzwater Cafe - Or don't you dare steal my lunchspot

  • Fitzwater Cafe started out in 1992 as a takeout pastry shop.
  • Before it was a cafe or pastry shop it was a gas station.
  • The owners did all of the renovation design work themselves.
  • In 1998 Fitzwater opened for sit-down breakfast and lunch service.
  • The owners of Fitzwater Cafe also own Saloon right across the street.

  • Bring cash. If you bring credit you'll be sorry. Really, really sorry.
  • Try their french toast - it is honestly the best I've ever had. 
  • Try their chicken cutlet sandwich. I don't care if you're a vegetarian - it's that good.
  • Try their baked goods - they are all baked in house by their pastry chef Lawrence Irvin.

  • Tell other people. Seriously, it's crowded enough on weekends.
  • Try to get lunch after 2:15 - the kitchen is closed.
  • Worry about breaking the bank for breakfast or lunch. Prices are really reasonable and portions are big. 

Fitzwater Cafe is located at 728 South 7th Street, on Fitzwater at 7th.


  1. Did you get that guy's permission to snap that photo?

  2. Looks like a cool little place, if I'm ever in Philly.

  3. Jamie - it's really nice. Come visit! Wilbur Vintage - his face isn't shown and you can't tell who it is.