Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Interview With Wilbur Vintage: Or where to go to buy awesome things

Me: Thanks for the interview. So tell me, how did you get the name Wilbur for your vintage store? Is it because you love Charlotte's Web?

Dan: Actually, I never saw that cartoon. In grade school through high school kids used to call me WILBUR THE PIG or they'd say WILLLLLLLLBURRRRRR like the horse, Mr. Ed, so I never felt the need to watch Charlotte's Web.

Me: Oh.

Dan: WILBUR is my last name. Crazy, right?

Me: Are you actually the heir to the Wilbur chocolate fortune?

Dan: If that were the case I wouldn't be selling my wares at WILBUR! I'd be painting the town in chocolate.

Me: Oh. Well, then. Thank you for your time... 
Me: Just kidding, though I don't deny that I'm disappointed. Anyway, I'm sure that you are constantly asked, "Where do you get your stuff?" So, where do you get your stuff?"

Dan: Little vintage elves stock my racks and shelves with goodies daily.

Me: Okay, I guess...
Me: I'm looking around your store and you have a very keen sense of style and taste. I've read your yelp reviews and they are very impressive.
What should I know about your store if I'm a first time customer?

Dan: Don't leave without spending at least $200.00.

Me: If people read this blog, and why wouldn't they, will you offer them any sort of discount for mentioning it when they buy something at Wilbur Vintage? And will I get a kick-back?

Dan: Sure, Gail, everyone who mentions your blog will get 15% off their first purchase. And, as for your kick-back, I promise to read and comment on your blog daily.

Me: Thanks, you're a prince among men.
Wilbur Vintage is located at 716 S 4th street 4th between Bainbridge and Monroe in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia.
How to get there:
Walk. Or take the bus (horrors). Or take the subway Market-Frankford line (shudder) to 2nd and Market and still end up walking.
Prices: It's not a thrift store, so don't expect to walk away with things for mere pennies. However, everything is very reasonably priced.
store photo by  Winston J. Alford-Hamburg
  • Feel free to ask Dan for his opinion - he's always honest and will tell you if what you're wearing is flattering.
  • Check out his window displays - they are fresh and original.
  • Make sure to take your time while looking through his jewelry and accessories. If you're not careful you may just miss that owl necklace that you've been craving.
  • Leave the door open. What, were you raised in a barn?
  • Bring in food - first it's rude. Unless you brought enough to share with everyone. Second - it's dirty. No one wants to touch where your grubby hands smudged. 
  • Speaking of grubby hands - if you bring your children don't let them run amok.
  • Speak loudly on your cell phone. You're not that interesting.
  • Just enter without saying hello. It's a civil pleasant environment. Please keep it that way.
Read more about Wilbur Vintage on his blog:


    1. Do you have clothing for tall, slender gentlemen?
      Your store sounds like a blast. If I am ever in Pennsylvania, I must pop in for a visit.

      Have a prosperous 2011.
      Uncle Jack V.

    2. Glad to see you are getting press! Once this dastardly weather gets better I shall visit and enjoy perusing your wares!!

    3. I looooooove wilbur vintage. And I love this blog! I sometimes feel I should be getting kickbacks as well, considering how often I am telling people "oh this? I got it at Wilbur" "This amazing trenchcoat with lace lining? Wilbur." "These black boots? Possibly the nicest thing i own besides cookware? You guessed it. Wilbur." I'm fairly sure anytime anyone is vaguely impressed with what i'm wearing, It's a Wilbur purchase. Thank you Dan!

    4. Wilbur Vintage is the best! Dan is wonderful, knowledgeable and personable (and a good friend) ; ) His sales staff/friends are very cool, too. It's a little shop, but jam packed with all sorts of goodies. It's a treasure.

      Rose M