Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Philadelphia Movies: Invincible

Why You Should Watch Invincible:

  • It's about Vince Papale, a South Philly walk-on for the 1976 Eagle's season. 

  • It's about Philadelphia, and okay, the Eagles.
  • It's a great nostalgic 70s movie.
  • Men were men. Or at least the people they chose to play them were.
  • Times were tough, like they are now. 
  • There is a couple of scenes with Bachman Turner Overdrive's Let it Ride and it captures the feeling of the movie perfectly.

  • It shows how Philadelphia got a reputation for having tough fans.
  • Mark Wahlberg looks great in tight pants. And tight t-shirts. Tight anything really.
  • I relate to the movie, sort of. Not that I watch football. But if I did, I would absolutely relate.
  • Everyone loves the story of an underdog.
  • Veterans Stadium. RIP.
  • It shows a time where your neighbors were your neighbors. If you needed to use their tv they'd also feed you a huge bowl of pasta.
  • Also watch the bonus features to see the real Vince Papale. On a side note - I can't figure out how they have two such young kids unless Janet was a child bride.


  1. I enjoyed the movie, but have to say I preferred his other 70's period piece, Boggie Nights..

  2. I liked them both! But I have to admit to not really liking Roller Girl. I'll take Elizabeth Banks over Heather Graham any day.

  3. It took me a minute to realize you were talking about the Eagles, the football team, and not the Eagles, the band.