Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green: Or finding healthy vegan food in Philly is an art

Facts: (sort of)
  • Philadelphia is a place of many many fine restaurants. 
  • So you'd think that finding vegan food wouldn't be that hard. You'd think wrong. 
  • Sure there are places that serve french fries but that isn't really a healthy alternative. (No, really people. French fries - not a good vegetable choice)
  • Go to Vedge!
  • Try MiLah
  • Taste Mumbai Bistro's vegan offerings

  • Forget to make a reservation at Vedge. They are popular for a reason. Their food is delicious. 
  • Eat too much tofu - moobs anyone?
  • Be shy - ask for veggies instead of bread when you're at a restaurant! The worst that could happen is that they stare at you incomprehensibly and then talk about the crazy person at table 8 when they're back in the kitchen.
1221 Locust Street
218 S. 16th
Mumbai Bistro:
930 Locust Street

Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Cause For Alarm - But.... I'm in Love

with Molton Brown's (not to be confused with Alton Brown) Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower Gel. 

Quite simply - it smells divine. (not to be confused with THE Divine) I will probably be discretely sniffing myself because I smell so good.

  • Molton Brown's slogan includes the phrase "Unmistakeably English"
  • Molton Brown originated in London but was purchased by the Japanese corporation Kao in 2005
Located at:
Blue Mercury: 1707 Walnut Street

Blue Mercury's Rittenhouse location is small and very friendly. It also includes a spa. 

  • Get on their mailing list to be invited to in-store events
  • Ask for advice from their knowledgeable employees

  • Bring in a stroller - it is a small space
  • Miss their great holiday value packs from:
    • Laura Mercier
    • Molton Brown
    • Fresh

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tria: Or a place I've actually never been to

So I had a blind date here but it wasn't very successful - the date that is - so I guess you'll just have to try it based on what I've heard.

Tria at 12th and Spruce

Photo from their website
 I don't have much to share about this place. Simply put, my "date" did not consider the huge wait time. We stood around trying to make small talk (unsuccessfully) until we went for a coffee instead.  It was a gorgeous night but instead of wanting to walk around he asked if we could stand on a corner.
Perhaps he wanted to pick up a hooker. I don't know. Needless to say, we did not meet up again.

Two center city locations: 12th and Spruce and 18th and Sansom
12th and Spruce:
Outside seating with heat lamps available when cold

Monday – Friday4pm – Late Night
Saturday + SundayNoon - Late Night

  • I have no idea as I haven't actually been here
  • I have heard that they have excellent Happy Hour deals
  • Go to Happy Hour M-Th 5-7pm at the 12th street location

  • Come at 6pm on Thursday night and think that you'll be able to sit immediately