Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Because I find this fascinating

  • I'm a sucker for fountains. But even more so - for the stories behind them
On 9th near Spruce
  • This particular fountain was in remembrance for Edward Wetherill who was born in Pennsylvania in February 1821 and who died October 2, 1908
  • Even more interesting is that a census reports his occupation as Abolitionist
  • He and his family were Quakers and lived at one point at 1413 Spruce street
The city really takes care of its fountains
  •  He came from a long line of Philadelphia Quakers mentioned as far back as 1783
  • Get confused but read this short but fascinating excerpt from the New York Times December 26, 1905 edition about another Edward Wetherill
  • Know anything about paint manufacturing? George Wetherill owner of George D Wetherill & Co  - was the first to manufacture white lead in 1804 - which later became Dutch Boy Paint

Things People have said to me on the Street

  • All sorts of crazy people accost me while I’m peaceably walking 
  • This happens to me all over the city
  • These are in no particular order or chronology
  • It does not include people asking me for directions
 What was said:
  • Damn! Anyone ever tell you that you’re built like a black woman? (said by man sitting in front of his low income housing)
  • MMMMMMM you sure are juicy! (said by homeless man on bicycle)
  • You retarded bitch! (said by mentally ill woman when I didn’t give her money)
  • Don’t you know it’s Christmas? (said by homeless man asking me for money on January 4th)
  • SMACK! (no words, but me getting my ass slapped (hard) by Mexican guy on a bicycle)
  • Cookie? (asked by homeless man holding a crumpled open box of girl scout cookies in exchange for money)
  • Don’t go to North Philly! You’ll die in North Philly! (said by crazy homeless woman)
  • MMM Looking good girl! (said by flamboyant queen)
  • PUTA! (said by white frat guys in a car)