Monday, April 28, 2014

Broad Street Run: Or how to survive when you haven't really trained for this

Broad Street Run is a historic 10 miler, started in the 80s, that takes the runner through Philadelphia starting at Broad st and Somerville Ave. and ending at the Navy Yards.
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  • It is such a popular run with over 50,000 (this number may not be completely accurate (give or take a few thousand)) participants that there is now a lottery to get in the run

Picture this...
  • It's September. You and your friend are talking about how you need something to motivate you and how you will totally train for Broad Street.
  • February commences and you and your friend talk about how you totally haven't trained but that you still have a few months until the race (You secretly hope that you won't make it into the lottery) win a spot in the lottery!
Where's the link for Denial?

  • It's a WEEK BEFORE THE RACE. And you are completely unprepared. Completely.  Did I mention completely? You've been on your dreadmill a few times - jogged a couple of miles but when you do the math you start to freak out.

  • Panic.  It will be ok! I promise.  And if not - there are medics close by.

  • Start out too fast.  You haven't really run much so just keep it to slow and steady.
  • Think about how much more you have to go
  • Or what that puddle is or how you spilled your water down the front of your shirt
  • Or how you are on mile 5 and that woman cheering you on has already completed the race and double-backed
  • Worry - there is always someone slower than you. Unless you are last. In which case, maybe you should worry a little.
  • Turn into that person who has to put a sticker on your car declaring that you completed a race. I'm talking to you 13.1s and 26.2s. No one cares but you! And maybe me because I've turned this into a slight rant.
  • Go to the bathroom before running - there are tons of people and lots of portables but it's still never enough.  (Warning! The below clip has strong language and blue dye)

  • If you do need to use the bathroom before the start - DO make friends with someone who has toilet paper because the dumpster that you are peeing behind in an alley doesn't come stocked. (Not that that happened or anything)
  •  Concentrate on your breathing. (Believe me it will save you from hyperventilating while thinking about how crazy you were to run this)
  • Walk if you need to.  There is no shame in it. But maybe don't suddenly stop short in front of someone forcing them to either run into you or to stumble and fall. (Have you seen the detritus on the ground??)
  • Think about how amazing that this many people are together running/jogging/walking/cheering
  • Plan ahead of time where to meet your friends/family.  It's a madhouse out there!
  • Have fun. It is a truly amazing experience. 
PS. I won't be there because I am lazy and out of shape so this a recollection of a couple years ago. (I now regret not training)  Go Philly!