Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barcade: Or I guess I didn't play enough video games as a kid

  • Barcade opened in the past year in Fishtown (yeah, I know, Fishtown)
  • Beer on tap rotates daily
  • Each arcade game is 25 cents
  • I suck at arcade games
  • Keep an eye peeled for the building - it's not as obvious as you'd think
  • Go to their happy hour starting at 4pm - 7pm for $1 off drinks Monday - Friday (it's pretty empty on a Monday so you'll also be able to play a lot of video games)
  • Try their Sriracha Deviled Eggs

  • Be fooled - beer nuts are just peanuts (I thought maybe they'd be coated in beer or something exotic)
  • Worry if you run out of quarters - they have a change machine
  • Play Dig Dug - it's a totally stupid boring game and yes, I am also terrible at it too
  • Come in if you're under 21

  • 1114 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between Girard Avenue and the Delaware Expressway
  • Also locations in Williamsburg and Jersey City (which really it's a toss up of three locations I'd least like to visit)