Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green: Or finding healthy vegan food in Philly is an art

Facts: (sort of)
  • Philadelphia is a place of many many fine restaurants. 
  • So you'd think that finding vegan food wouldn't be that hard. You'd think wrong. 
  • Sure there are places that serve french fries but that isn't really a healthy alternative. (No, really people. French fries - not a good vegetable choice)
  • Go to Vedge!
  • Try MiLah
  • Taste Mumbai Bistro's vegan offerings

  • Forget to make a reservation at Vedge. They are popular for a reason. Their food is delicious. 
  • Eat too much tofu - moobs anyone?
  • Be shy - ask for veggies instead of bread when you're at a restaurant! The worst that could happen is that they stare at you incomprehensibly and then talk about the crazy person at table 8 when they're back in the kitchen.
1221 Locust Street
218 S. 16th
Mumbai Bistro:
930 Locust Street

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