Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on a Fountain

I posted last week about a hidden fountain. Turns out that the snow and my poor eyesight hid more than I had realized.

Rather than For Our Gentle Friends - it actually says Drink Gentle Friends. And with further snow melting - it shows the date and inscription.
See an original photo here:
It makes this water fountain for horses a little sweeter - that it's in memorial for Annie L Lowry who was an avid supporter of the WPSPCA.

  • Annie L Lowry was a resident of Philadelphia. She had been brought up as a Lutheran, married an attorney and later became a member of the Reformed Episcopal Church.
  • Her executor Elwood Bonsall, Esq managed her donation requests and she had two buildings on separate Lutheran campuses in Topton and Tressler named after her in 1911 and 1923 respectively. Each was called The Annie L Lowry Memorial Infirmary.
  • Today the Lutheran Social Ministries is known as Diakon. Only the Topton building remains and now houses some of Diakon's children services.
  • Annie L Lowry was known as the "mother" of American Presbyterian churches due to her generous donations.
  • She died at 85 years of age on August 1, 1908 and left $5000 for care of her pets.

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