Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kanella - or how a Greek restaurant has the best English breakfast


  • Kanella is a Greek Cypriot restaurant located at 1001 Spruce Street. (That's 10th and Spruce for those who can't figure it out)
  • The chef Konstantinos Pitsillides grew up in Cyprus and later studied and worked in the London restaurant industry.
  • Pitsillides came to Philadelphia, married a philly native, worked in some popular area restaurants, and then opened Kanella. 
  • His varied menu displays both his Greek/Cypriot heritage and his time spent in London.

  • Try their Lemonnana: half mint tea, half lemonade. All delicious.
  • Try their English Breakfast. It is the best that I've had in the city and at a great price. It's like the ones that I had in London but without making me feel sick afterward.
  • Try and come for lunch during the week - unless it's a Thursday or Friday. Lunch/Brunch is only offered on Thursday-Sunday.
  • Worry - that means you can get your traditional English breakfast on a Thursday - no waiting for the weekend!
  • Only have their English breakfast. I know that I've been going on and on about it. But they have plenty of other tasty food.

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