Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man Full Of Trouble Tavern - Now Someone's Home?


  • Built in 1759 and is the oldest pre-Revolutionary War tavern remaining.
  • Located at 125-127 Spruce Street it catered to a less than genteel crowd.
  • Was at one point known as the "Man with a Load of Mischief" with a sign of a man giving a woman a piggyback ride, rather than the sign standing today.
  • Throughout its history of successive ownership, the tavern was also a hotel known for their oysters, and a wholesale chicken market.
  • The tavern was renovated and opened for tours in the 1960s and an archaeological dig took place in 1966.
  • The tavern closed to tourists in 1994.
  • The tavern now seems to be a home because when I took these photos I noticed a woman changing her baby on the sofa inside. 

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  1. The adjoining Paschall house belonged to my husbands ancestor, Benjamin Paschall, Justice of the Peace. He visited the home in 1999. My husbands name is Ralph Henry Hunt Nichols, and is a member of the SAR,in Washington State.