Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Our Gentle Friends

I am obsessed with water features. Fountains? Yes, please!

  • Philadelphia is filled with huge and impressive fountains, many of which were sponsored by the Philadelphia Fountain Society.  (Which may or may not be a mysterious cult, because I cannot find much online information about this society.)  
  • Philadelphia's more popular fountains were large affairs designed by famous artists (like Calder and Lipchitz). 
  • I do not have many more facts about this particular topic because I just really wanted to share with you the fountain below.
But what about the small humble fountains that we walk by everyday without paying any attention? Seriously, what about them?
3rd between South and Bainbridge

In the winter the fountain above is easy to miss, snow covered and weathered. But it has an endearing inscription: For Our Gentle Friends.
Which I guess to refers to non-rabid animals or simple-minded humans. But whatever the case, it's very nice. I couldn't find any information on this particular fountain so you'll just have to enjoy without knowing more. Or purchase this book - though there is no guarantee that this fountain is in it.

Extra Fact: 
  • There are other small fountains spread throughout the city dedicated to animals. There is a horse trough on 3rd and Arch "Presented by a Lady" with the words, "Give Us Water That We May Drink" emblazoned on it.

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