Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eye's Gallery - or how you don't have to like mosaics to like this store

  • The Eye's Gallery is located at 402 South St.
  • It began in 1968 after Julia and Isaiah Zagar returned from their two year stint in the Peace Corps in Peru where they worked in craft development.
  • In those early days they lived in the back of the store.
  • They are one of the few businesses on South st from the 60s that is still there.
  • Isaiah Zagar is responsible for a great number of mosaics in Philadelphia and for the Magic Gardens.
  •  Especially peruse the Day of the Dead art. There is a very large selection.
  • Check out all three levels of the store.  

  • Like mosaics? Me neither, but the store has many great things - from plates to glasses to jewelry and clothing.
  • Want to buy from the store? Then take a tour led by Julia to Mexico, India, Guatemala, or Peru. She'll take you to some great spots to buy from the locals.

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