Monday, February 14, 2011

Interview with an Knitwear Designer

Me: Hello, thanks for doing this interview! First thing's first - you're British. Explain Cockney slang to me. No - never mind - more importantly - we won you know.  The Revolutionary war - how does that make you feel?

Lucy: Like I want to gouge your eyes out with one of my many pairs of knitting needles or crochet hooks. Cor Blimey Govenor, not a polite start!

Me: Sore loser. Anyway, Why did you move from the UK (United Kingdom to you ignoramuses out there) to Philadelphia?

Lucy: I moved to Philly to find the Fresh Prince..... No I actually wanted to move to New York, but Anthropologie and Leifsdottir got in there first. I was desperate for a new job and so I was happy to move even though the only things that came to mind when thinking about Philly were The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Philadelphia cream cheese and The Philadelphia Story.

Me: As it does. What do you think are the best things about Philadelphia?

Lucy:  KANELLA. My number one vice in Philphie. God that restaurant saved my existence in Philly, along with wonderful friends. Philly is a good place to meet people since it is so small, sort of like a village where everyone knows who you are. Annoying at times! Haha. I love that you can walk everywhere. Night life is a little monotonous, but the restaurants are good, some great cocktail spots too! Wilbur vintage has the best accessories and clothing. I love The Eyes gallery for presents and inspiration. Beaux Arts video was a fave spot for horror films. So gutted it is closing. Makes me angry when small and amazing businesses fold. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
Being close to New York is a definite plus! Also Philly is a great place to see live music! Cafe 12 has amazing lattes!!! Supreme my friends!

Me: I'm sure we all agree.  How did you get into knitting? It's something I tend to think is something old people do - or people with lots of cats.

Efterklang. Collaboration by Lucy & Natasha. Lucy designed the sweaters on each end
Lucy: Well, I am not old and I do not have cats. It is possible that I have been Possessed by my dead Knitting Nanny?? So my Mum used to knit alot when I was little, but Knitting Nanny (obviously called Knitting Nanny as she Knitted....ALOT!) probably ingrained this yarn obsession into me when she used to knit shockingly disgusting kids jumpers for me when I was little. Nanny was a Knitting and crochet, technical Designer.

Lucy: It was actually my Mum who thought I should get into knitting and take it up as a degree. I started out in painting, but always was drawn to Fashion and textiles. If my Mum and I did not discuss me taking Fashion Knitwear as a degree and taking it on as a career, who knows if I would be this happy now?

Me: It's funny that knitting is now on the leading edge of fashion. How do you keep up to date with trends?

Lucy: I try to not be too consumed by Vogue, Style and all the generic catwalk websites. It is great to do that and to look at magazines for trends, but I feel like trend becomes more interesting when you can make them yourself. This has to come from looking at books, blogs, art, Everyday life and people. Imagination and abstract thought is vital for me. is a great Fashion Knitwear blog. Pitti Filatti, Florence Italy is one of the best Yarn and Knitwear exhibitions. A really good place for trend. I am really inspired by new designers. I think researching new graduates collections is a great place to find new trend. These are the people who are pushing the boundaries and making Knitwear exciting and challenging! I think the V&A museum in London is a wonderful research space for both historical and modern ideas. You need both to make something extraordinary and out of the box.

Me: Excellent.  This makes me want to knit! Thank you for your time!

Catwalk piece created for Moonspoon Saloon AW 2011 show at Copenhagen Fashion week by Lucy

  • Check out Lucy's blog.
  • Want to be knitwear designer? Check out programs that include industry internships.
  • Push yourself to explore all kinds of knitting possibilities!
  • Research and Network constantly. Half the game is about who you know.
  • Collaborate.

  • Think that knitting is just a hobby. Being a knitwear designer can be lucrative and your designs can be shown on the runway.
  • Be afraid to push the boundaries of knitting. You can knit with anything. We have moved on from the basic sock and merino wool guys!!! So don't be afraid!
  • Don't do this if you think it is going to be easy. It is challenging and ongoing. Perfection takes a lifetime!!
  • Don't give up if you make mistakes. Professionals have been known to create entire garments and then pull them apart. It is good to do this! 

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