Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Italian Market: or where you can find a lot of stuff that you forgot that you needed

  • Philadelphia's Italian Market is the oldest and largest working outdoor market in the United States. (Take that everywhere else!)
  • There are over 100 merchants.
  • You can buy at minimum: poultry, meat, pasta, produce, baked goods, and spices.
  • The Italian Market stars in In Her Shoes and Invincible.
  • The Italian Market in on 9th street and runs from Fitzwater to Wharton.

  • Try Lorenzo's Pizza. It's among my favorite's in Philly.
  • Shop at Fante's. It will make you want to cook and/or bake just so that you have an excuse to buy that amazing pan.
  • Browse at Molly's Bookstore at 1010 S. 9th St.
  • Try and get Lorenzo's Pizza delivered. They only do carry out.
  • Be afraid of the hipsters. They tend to stick to Anthony's Italian Coffee House. 
  • Correction: Hipsters hang out at Gleaner's. My bad. 
For Thursday: Di Bruno Bros

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