Monday, August 27, 2012

The Johnson Victrola Museum or The Only Thing Open in Dover, Delaware on a Saturday

So, I realize that I've been extremely lax in writing my blog and it's all your fault. But enough of blaming you, I've moved on.

We listened to a record on this.
  • The Johnson Victrola Museum is not that easy to find.
  • It is manned by volunteers - some who are very informative, some not so much.
  • E.R Johnson grew up in Dover, DE and founded the Victor Talking Machine Company.
  • The grammy is in the shape of a Victrola.
  • E.R Johnson's Posthumous Grammy. Notice that it's in the shape of a Victrola. Coincidence? No.
  • The phrase "Put a sock in it" and "Put a lid on it" are based on controlling the volume of the Victrola.

  • Wednesday-Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m
  • Free! Wheeeeeeeee! But you should donate something, you cheap bastards.

A recording horn. I still don't really get how it worked but somehow it recorded sound onto a record.
  • Make sure to listen to the difference between an electric recording and an acoustic recording.
  • You know the RCA logo? HMV? JVC? They all show Nipper. Also? HMV stands for His Master's Voice. (Nipper looks like he's listening. Get it?)

Nipper was the artist's dog. He was known to nip at people's heels.

  • Know what a Victrola is? A Victrola played records. If you don't know what a record is - well - then - I give up.
  • Stare at the man giving the upstairs tour with a piece of black tape on his glasses. He's seeing double. Or he is a pirate! Arrrrr!

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  1. Know what a Victrola is? A Victrola was a machine (made by the Victor Talking Machine Company) with the horn concealed INSIDE the cabinet. The Grammy award, as the named implies, is designed to look like a gramophone.