Monday, August 22, 2011

Old City: or where Hipsters, Tourists, and the Overindulged Unite

  • I used to live in Old City until I could no longer handle hearing "American Woman" blaring out of the Big Bus tour, or the loud obnoxious blowing of the Duck tour kazoos, or the sound of bongos playing on First Friday.
  • Actually, I also had a tiny bit of concern about the people hanging outside of the drug rehab center next door to me.
  • Old City formally extends from Spring Garden Street, 4th Street, the Delaware River, and Walnut Street. But I never go as far as Spring Garden - maybe Race street.
  • Old City has galleries, historic buildings (ie the Liberty Bell Center), shops and the aforementioned hipsters, tourists, and people with lots of money and a sense of entitlement (much like the main line).

  • Check out Lost and Found - an affordable shop (unlike many of the surrounding boutiques) for men's and women's fashions/accessories at 133 N. 3rd St.
  • Go to nearby Cafe Ole at 147 N 3rd St. for great hummus and ice tea.
  • Visit PAWS at 100 N. 2nd street to volunteer and/or adopt a sweet cat or dog.
  • Walk and visit historic spots like Elfreth's Alley, Franklin Court, and Independence Hall.
  • Forget to visit the Betsy Ross House (next to the former Real World Philadelphia house).
  • Try and engage the guy playing a cittern in conversation at the Visitor's Center at 599 Market St. as he is a jerk.
  • Miss First Friday, where galleries show new art and provide some nibbles and wine on the first Friday of every month (but you may have to suffer through pretentious patrons and the overlymonied)
  • Pass on Franklin Fountain -which has awesomely extravagant ice cream creations made from local Bassetts ice cream. Though the owner's handle-bar mustache is a little off-putting.

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  1. Ha! Love the very end about the "off-putting" handle-bar mustache. I went out to dinner on Saturday, and my waiter's exotic facial hair - which included a near-handlebar mustache - made me really uneasy (though not as much as his penchant for disappearing for ten minutes at a time to hang out and smoke with his friends who were eating on the patio).

    Another fun entry - thanks!