Monday, August 1, 2011

Camden Aquarium - or it's annoying to take a ferry with Rascal Flatts fans

  • The Camden Aquarium started out in 1992 as the non-profit New Jersey State Aquarium.
  • The new Adventure Aquarium reopened in 2005 and is most definitely for profit.
  • You can take the RiverLink Ferry from Philadelphia Penn's Landing to the Camden Waterfront.
  • The ferry takes about 15 minutes even though it's directly across the water. Maybe it has something to do with currents or people wanting to sit longer.
  • The ferry is every hour and only runs Saturdays/Sundays from May-September.
This is not the octopus from Adventure Aquarium. It's from a much more interesting article in the LA Times.
  • Aquarium is an overpriced $22.95 (plus tax! I know! There' s tax!) for adults and $17.95 (don't forget the tax) for kids 2-12.
  • RiverLink Ferry is $7.00 round trip ($6 for kids)- they have a special concert series schedule too. So if you're lucky - like us - you can share the ferry with teenagers with daisy dukes, fake curls, cowboy hats and a thing for Rascall Flatts.
  • Take advantage of their free fountain refills in the aquarium's cafe. Not only do you get free soda refills - but you get free slushies! (seriously - when's the last time that you had a slushy?)
  • Look at the octopus - it's fascinating.

  • Go on the weekend. Unless you love the smell of dirty diapers or you're a giant and can see over everyone's heads.
  • Have high expectations - then you won't be disappointed that you just spent a fortune to see fish you could see in a nearby lake.

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