Monday, May 14, 2012

Fort Delaware: Or a kind of lame fort that you have to take a ferry to

  • My boyfriend (hi boo!) lives in Delaware and this fort is not really all that easy to get to via public transportation from Philadelphia but if you have a car it could be a fun trip. Maybe.
  • Fort Delaware is on Pea Patch Island (one mile east of Delaware City) and in 1951 was made one of Delaware's first state parks.

  • You have to take a ferry to get to the island and it's not that cheap but it is the best part of the trip.
  • Construction on the fort began in 1819, then was destroyed by fire in 1832. The present fort was built in 1859. It closed in 1944.  
  • 2,700 confederate soldiers died while prisoners at the fort.

  • $11 for adults
  • $6 for children

  • Try going a little later in the season. They have more activities.
  • Go the third weekend in August for Garrison Weekend if you're into seeing reenactors doing infantry formations and artillery drills. And come on, who isn't? (Me. )
  • Look for herons - they nest on the island.

  • Tease the guy in historical garb about his ability to play a sand bag tossing game as it may turn out that he is slightly handicapped.
  • Expect a colonial Williamsburg type of experience.  Though it does make me think of this...


  1. Sweet review I work in Delaware City and love makin fun of the slightly handicap. I will make the trek.

    1. I wonder who this could be... If you go with the kids - make sure that they have low expectations. Though they could possibly be bribed with a penny whistle from the tiny gift shop.