Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's it all about, Alfie?

I've lived in Philadelphia for almost five years as an adult. I grew up in the suburbs and moved away to attend university and then moved even farther away to southern California. But I came back (in the winter I ask myself why,  I also also ask why in the humid summer, oh and during allergy season(s)). And here I am, five years in and I've realized that I haven't really done much exploration of the city and it's surroundings (everything I need is between 2nd and 18th between Fitzwater and Walnut). When I want to get away I try and travel outside of the country (I like accents).  But now I'm unemployed and making every penny count (unsuccessfully, I'm rather a spendthrift) and figured now is the time to discover what I've been missing.

I don't have a car. Everywhere that I go will be able to be accessed by either walking or taking public transit. I'm not much for the bus as I get terribly car sick (also, have you seen the people who ride the bus?) so mostly it will be via Regional Rail.

First up: Overbrook

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