Thursday, March 10, 2011

King of Prussia Mall - only a bus ride with a junkie hooker away

I've been extremely lax in my blog - and I apologize. But I have a new job starting this Monday and it requires effort to be back in the 9-5 working world. Effort such as buying new clothes. And to buy new clothes I made the sacrifice and went on a pilgrimage to mecca (no disrespect intended it's just that if you prayed to the god of consumerism then this is your temple) - or as others may know it "King of Prussia Mall."

  • King of Prussia Mall is the largest mall on the East Coast.
  • The Mall is divided into two sections: the Plaza and the Court.
  • The Plaza side opened in 1963.
  • There are over 400 stores and restaurants. Most of them upscale ie Betsy Johnson, Stuart Weitzman, chick-fil-a...
  • It is a real pain in the ass to get there from the city.
  • There actually was a King of Prussia. Many of them, I imagine. However, the name originates from an 18th century local tavern called "The King of Prussia Inn" named after Frederick II, King of Prussia.

King of Prussia Mall is located at 160 North Gulf Road. You can take a bus (but DON'T). If you do (DON'T) you can catch the 124 or the 125 from Market Street. There is no train that takes you there directly.

  • Try their iphone app. Because shopping can never be too pretentious.

  • Take the bus. No, really, please - DON'T DO IT.  Ask a friend for a ride because taking the local bus is:
    • a) long 
    • b) not always on time 
    • c) awkward when you are trying to avoid the junkie hooker's eyes.

PS. In an effort to be honest - that bus ride described above was actually taken this summer. Today I drove.

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